• Mil-Spec Clevis Assembly

    Mil-Spec Clevis Assembly

    This project required 5 different mil-spec clevis assemblies with quantities ranging from 8 to 36 parts each. At Machining Services,…

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  • Bearing Housing

    Bearing Housing

    This featured bearing housing for a mobile antenna used in satellite communications is composed of 1" thick aluminum and 1/4"…

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  • Mil-Spec Transport Container

    Mil-Spec Transport Container

    Machining Services, Inc. designed, built and tested this Mil-Spec Transport/Shipping Container used for the Interceptor missile. Using Mastercam and Bobcad…

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  • Tool Cart

    Tool Cart

    Our customer needed a rolling tool cart designed to signicantly reduce change over time for his injection molding machines. Our…

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  • 20180209_153618

    Airline Change Kit Tool Box

    These Tool Boxes were designed and built by Machining Services Inc to suit the airline industries' varying needs for portable…

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