Tool Cart

Our customer needed a rolling tool cart designed to signicantly reduce change over time for his injection molding machines. Our custom carts reduced the change over time by more than fifty percent. These utility carts were designed and built at Machining Services Inc. using drawings we created on our CAD system. Fabrication of these rolling carts for quick change over required a wide range of processes including: laser cutting, press braking, welding, CNC milling, painting, and assembly. Our custom tool carts were built from structural steel tubing and steel plate. Final dimensions were 72" long x 36" wide x 42" tall, with a final weight of 360 lbs and a weight cap of 6500 lbs. Turnaround time for 7 carts was 8 weeks.


Capabilities/Applied Processes:
  • Laser Cutting, Press Braking, Welding, CNC milling, Painting, and Assembly
Tightest Tolerance:
  • +/- 0.060"
Material Thickness:
  • Various
Product Length:
  • 72"
Product Width:
  • 36"
Product Height:
  • 42"
Product Weight:
  • 360 lbs
Material Used:
  • Structural steel tubing, Steel plate.
  • 7 carts
Delivery Time:
  • 8 weeks
  • Grey
Material Finish:
  • Painted
Industry for Use:
  • Injection Molding, Packaging, Manufacturing Floor
Product Name:
  • Tool Cart for Injection Molding Machine

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